VallettaThe Maltese Archipelago consists of several small islands. The three largest ones are Malta, Gozo & Comino. The islands are situated approximately 80 km south of Sicily at three hours flight from London, Amsterdam or Berlin. Malta has a lot to offer for every visitor.

Besides the well-known sea and sun, you will be surprised by the amount of culture and history on such a small area. Malta’s geographic position has always attracted foreign nations, who used the natural harbors for protection and re-stocking of fresh water and goods. As a result, beautiful fortified cities have been created over the years. During WO II, Malta was the center of a dramatic battle for control of the Mediterranean region.


The older visitors will enjoy the relaxed lifestyle and Mediterranean kitchen. Youngsters can enjoy several places for a good night out and the village feasts (or Fiesta) will appeal to every visitor. The Maltese are real Europeans but have maintained a relaxed lifestyle throughout the years.

The fact that Malta is not far away and that practically everybody speaks English, makes this groups of islands an ideal holiday destination for both short trips as complete holidays for the family. It is relatively safe to move around with excellent healthcare services in place.


Malta offers a variety of apartment complexes and hotels, so a visitor will be able to choose any accommodation according to his or her budget.

If you wish to learn more about Malta (like a visit to Azure Window), please visit the web site of the Malta Tourism Authority. Here you will find more in-depth information on Malta.